Swiss mountain dogs info page team ( decided to gather all the information about BMDs living (and that lived) in Croatia and make this public data base with the purpose of creating one place available to everyone.

Data on these pages were collected with the help of BMD owners, breeders, web pages and a lot of good will.

More information and the data are constantly being added to the base. The accuracy of the data base depends on your cooperation since there is no official source of information. The best way of helping is sending us information about your BMDs, litters and other BMDs you know. Also please send us their photographs because we would like to attach their photos (that best represent the dog) with the information. If you see false information in the base, please send us the correct one.

With the information you send, refer to the source of the information (your name, if the information is from the dogs pedigree or an other source, then write which). We ask you to send as the complete information you have so the data base can be accurate.

We hope the data base will be useful to you and that you will often contact us with new information and photographs of this beautiful breed.

Sincerely yours,
Matejka Ivančić & Petra Kolundžić

Updated: 28.04.2014.
1624 dogs in database

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